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About us

The mission of our company - the maximum satisfaction of the customers' needs. The united people's efforts, the attraction of new technologies enables our customers to obtain significant benefits. In each case we will develop and implement the scheme of cooperation that is optimal for you in terms of timing, price and convenience.


  • Skin Trade
    Leather from leading European factories.
  • Trade Auto Parts
    The company will purchase parts. All for the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.
  • Trade in building materials
    The company operates in the market of modern building materials.
  • Consulting services
    • Consultancy in areas of security, payments industry, ERP automation
    • Resource hiring
    • Development in C+, Python, and Java
    • Market and business vertical specific studies (Manufacturing, ERP systems, Financial Services, local regulations, other)
    • Procurement management and RFPs preparation
    • PCI DSS and QSA services
  • Transportation and Logistics
    International cargo transportation, search for available cargo, associated cargo.