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Skin Trade

Leather from leading European factories.

Leather has been and remains the most practical material for clothing, manufacturing of shoes, handbags and belts. And if the issue of the search for exclusive and quality material was very serious previously, now the purchases of natural skin have become much easier.

You will find the best examples and the widest range in the company Leman Impero LP, which offers leather from European leading factories with which the company has been actively cooperating for several years. Through our strong partnership with manufacturers, we can ensure that the leather, the price and quality, regardless of grade, thickness, material and type of treatment, you will please.

Here you can buy leather wholesale, small wholesale and retail, choosing from a wide range. Material thicknesses, colors and sizes, including a reptile skin, embossed patterns, with prints and perforation, with an aged effect are always available in our company. In addition, it provided in the sale of genuine leather for the linings, thick portfolio grade nubuck leather, split leather, natural suede and suede.

Company Leman Impero LP specializes in the regular supply of the Italian natural leather in the range of European quality for the production of upholstered furniture, sewing car-seat covers, upholstery, car dealership, manufacturing of shoes, dry goods and other products of light industry:

  • polished leather - soft, plastic, embossed with a delicate ornamentation, carefully dressed surface to emphasize the natural beauty of skin textures;
  • minimally treated skin while preserving the natural wrinkles;
  • special skin thickness increased - from 4 to 2 mm .;
  • aniline leather furniture - a fully preserved natural defects and surface structure of the skin, which are very well looked. Painted with organic dyes with minimal processing. It is used in the furniture and textile industries;
  • polished aniline leather - polished aniline leather (aniline leather is the most beautiful), slightly polished, but maintaining "look", making the top layer becomes soft as velvet. To make the skins mud and water resistant, they are carefully processed with waterproof materials. The skin of this quality will be enjoyed by lovers of soft, gentle products to which the touch is a real pleasure;
  • semi-aniline leather furniture - semi-aniline leather is the most popular among buyers. We offer the best quality of both types of skin for consumers that doubt the characteristics of aniline leather and do not want to have their furniture with the usual patent leather, semi-aniline leather. Firstly, the skin is treated with aniline dyes, and the character of the leather is maintained, then almost transparent protective layer is applied;
  • furniture of the skin;
  • automotive leather;
  • aircraft skin;
  • haberdashery skin.

We guarantee good quality of supplied natural leather, and well-timed execution of the obligations assumed is the hallmark of our company. Choosing a reliable supplier is a really important decision.

Make sure that you choose a company with the recommendations and experiences, clear and transparent strategy.

Our company is always developing and looking for promising new technologies and trends of manufacturing, we are pleased to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation and long-term partnerships.

Here you can get acquainted with the basic types of skin and order your favorite materials. We deliver products to all regions.


  • Skin Trade
    Leather from leading European factories.
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